This story has been more than circumstance and business decisions.  It is the telling and living of core values based on dynamic and healthy interpersonal relationships in the rich soil of transformative personal work.

Kiffany Brown

Life Coach, Healing Touch, & Signature Aromatherapy


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Kiffany is a native of Glenwood Springs and the valley.  She has deep roots in the soil throughout this area and loves the ruggedness of wilderness as well as the finer opportunities of life.  Kiffany has been an integral part of developing three chiropractic practices and the integrated therapies department of Valley View Hospital.  With over four decades of education and experience Kiffany has mastered skills in caring for the spirit, soul, body and mind.  Integrated best describes the style of care that garners skills from eight styles of massage to Healing Touch and Zone therapy, crosses the terrains of clinical aromatherapy to labyrinth facilitation, navigates emotions and aspects of the soul through spiritual care as a clinical Chaplain, HeartMath practitioner, and Co-Active LifeCoach to facilitating group, corporate and family retreats.

Whether your focus is body care; exploring the dynamics of lifestyle; or re-igniting exuberance for passion and purpose you will be imbued with resources that are significant to your well-being, recovery, health and relationships.

Kiffany is a loving and supportive wife, mother, daughter and friend.  She is adventurous, and enjoys the game of Rugby, singing, biking, snowshoeing, reading, Lake Powell, traveling abroad, being a student of the Bible, Judaism and the arts and living life with focus and determination.  Forever a student.