Rejuvenate,  Restore,  Heal

Living Well

At Springs in the Valley, we offer comprehensive services with a therapeutic approach.

Our Commitment

Our commitment is to provide elements in the field of natural health that support you LIVING WELL.  We commit to meet our clients right where they are – In pain, in maintenance of health and wellbeing, in prevention, in recovering from illness and injury and in interest of supporting a healthy lifestyle and helping to ease the rigors of work, life and play.  You can count on us listening with an attentive ear and heart, on timely and professional response to questions and concerns, in our team providing a beautiful and relaxing space that helps to relieve stress, invites you to feel safe and confident in the care you are receiving and in the qualifications of each of our practitioners.

We further commit to offer services that have endured the test of time, have evidence of effectiveness as well as validity in the delivery of each caring modality.  We do not stop at basic qualifications in our certifications and degrees.  Each practitioner pursues advanced education and expanded certifications in their chosen areas of interest while pursuing expanded knowledge, collaboration and experience in techniques that help to enhance your experience and the professional care you receive.  We are committed to customer service that goes beyond the expected.